Parametric Villa Design

Parametric Villa Design Concept is generated for Zaha Hadid Architects as a proposal for a villa located in Saudi Arabia. Due to climate conditions and its client’s privacy needs, the main parameter of this villa is to create courtyards and distribute habitable spaces around these courtyards. The calculation process starts with dividing site border into equal distances from a selected point. There are 5 variables, which define the architectural formation process. Variable 1: The minimum length of each line in the system. If a line is not long enough to create an architectural space, it will create landscape features. Variable 2: The minimum width of any architectural space in the system. Variable 3: The minimum width of a corridor, which can potentially create a courtyard if there is more space available. Variable 4: The minimum angle between divisions. If this angle is too narrow to create architectural spaces, the space will be used as a landscape. Variable 5: The minimum width of a corridor/court- yard/corridor system where the proportions of these spaces are constrained by each other.

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